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A set of icons and colour codes are used within this Skills Wiki to indicate specific types of content. The key is simple to interpret and is described below:

Colour Codes

Colour Use
  Blue - An indicator to show a new type of section
  Pink - Tutorial or something that you have to do
  Green - A downloadable / viewable object e.g. ebook or video
  Brown - Operating system or device platform e.g. Windows / Apple
  Yellow - External object or tutorial

Main Icons

Icon Meaning
Plain english.png Plain English - A Plain English description of the section or task
More reading.png Related Reading - Prior or further reading relating to the current page
Formats.png File Formats - Alternative ways to read or view the current content
References.png References - The bibliography for the current page
Tutorial.png Tutorial - A tutorial for you to follow to complete a task or learn something new
Pdf.png PDF - A downloadable PDF file
Ebook.png epub - Ebook format for Android / Apple and others
Kindle.png mobi - Ebook format for Kindle / Android and others
Images.png Image - An external image (opens in a new window)
Internet.png Internet - External website (opens in a new window)
YouTube.png YouTube - YouTube video (opens in a new window)

Mini Icons

Icon Meaning
Android tiny.png Android - Smartphones and tablets
Apple tiny.png Apple - iOS devices
Kindle tiny.png Kindle - Devices and Kindle apps
Linux tiny.png Linux - Operating system
Windows tiny.png Windows - Operating system and recent mobiles

For more information about file formats and how to view them on the various platforms, please see Help:File Viewers.


All pages, within the Skills Wiki, are grouped together into parent categories. These categories are always displayed at the foot of the page.