Digital Literacy

Improving your

Digital Literacy


Learn to work with the tools you need

At the University of Cumbria, we use a number of web-based tools to facilitate and support your learning. These include:

  • Blackboard (VLE - Virtual Learning Environment - Online classroom)
  • Turnitin (Electronic submission of your assignments)
  • PebblePad (Personal electronic portfolios)


Learning how to use these tools does not need to be taxing and if you're careful, you can sit back and enjoy a coffee/tea whilst you do it.

You will be asked a number of questions, as part of a Bristol Online Survey, that will help us to determine which bits you need to learn.

Alternatively; you can jump straight into the learning resources as you require (use the top menu).

How this works

  1. Work through the survey below (your answers will determine which questions you are asked).
  2. Print out your survey results as a PDF (save this file).
  3. Click on the links (in the PDF) to supporting content that your answers showed you need help with.
  4. Return to your saved PDF file (at Step 2) at any time and work through the supporting content.

The supporting content may be a PDF document to work through, a webpage to read or a video to watch. The content should work on any internet-connected computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone (let me know if you have any problems).

And... assuming you have wifi available - why not do the survey on a mobile device and then watch the videos on the same mobile device whilst logged into the matching service on a computer i.e. Blackboard.

Digital Literacy and Online Learning Survey

If the survey does not load below - you can access it by jumping to instead.