Blackboard Resources

Blackboard is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This online classroom is one of the main learning tools utilised by the university for dissemination of information in taught modules. Most students will use Blackboard whilst completing their course.

Blackboard is used:

  • as an online classroom.
  • to deliver announcements to students.
  • to make teaching materials available to students.
  • to create blogs, wikis and forums (at module and course level).
  • to provide access to other systems (i.e. ICON & Timetables).
  • to submit assignments through Turnitin
  • to provide access to your Grades
  • and more…

Blackboard includes:

  • access to all of your Modules
  • a University Notice Board
  • the Headstart Module
  • a Student Union section
  • a Careers & Jobs section
  • Library & Student Services information

Access Blackboard

To open Blackboard remotely or from a university computer:

  1. Go to any page on the University of Cumbria website and select Current Students at the top right of the screen.
  2. Choose Blackboard from the list of links. You can bookmark the actual url at:
  3. Enter your Network username and password.
    • Students: Student Number & usual Uoc Password
    • Staff: Usual UoC Username & Password

When Blackboard opens, you can see the My Institution page.


My Institution

After logging in to Blackboard - you will be presented with the My Institution page. This page is divided into Modules (content blocks) and gives access to more Menu items across the top of the page.

Blackboard: My Institution (PDF guide)

Personalise Blackboard

From the My Institution page, of Blackboard, you have some options for personalising your view / experience of the interface.

Personalise Blackboard (PDF guide)


Blackboard Announcements are used by your tutors to deliver timely information to all of the students on a course.

Blackboard Announcements (PDF guide)

Finding Your Course(s)

After logging in to Blackboard - you will be presented with the My Institution page. This page provides access to each of your Module and Course sites.

Blackboard: Finding Your Courses (PDF guide)

Finding Your Way Around a Module

Once you have accessed a module site in Blackboard, where is everything stored and how do you I find the PowerPoints from last week?

Blackboard: Finding your way around a module (PDF guide)

Discussion Boards

The discussion board is a tool for sharing thoughts and ideas about class materials. It is also used for Flexible Distributed Learning (FDL) to allow students and lecturers to discuss topics, research findings, assignments and reflections.

Blackboard Discussions

Wikis in Blackboard

A wiki is a webpage with multiple authors. At the University, wikis are often used as a way for students to work collaboratively when they are not necessarily in the same location.

Blackboard Wikis


Blogs are a useful student tool. Blogs are often used for reflective writing or to group together questions that you may have about your course.

Blackboard Blogs